Camillian Social Center Rayong

Is a center that works on HIV / AIDS Only one in the east With a holistic work Both in the areas of assistance, care, pastoral care, promoting health recovery and potential for HIV-infected people, AIDS patients, and the families and children of the deceased AIDS patients. They also provide training in sex education and HIV / AIDS prevention. To reduce disgust and reduce new infections

Camillian Social Center Rayong is operated by a group of Camillian priests. Under the spirit of St. Camillo Delallis (founder of the Faculty) in caring for the sick with love. Like a mother to a single child who is seriously ill And ready to serve the sick Despite the risk of life threatening

29 Jan 2021 It is the day that the center opened its 25th anniversary.



About us

History of Saint Camillo Delallis (Founder)
St. Camillus was born in the town of Bucchianico in Italy in the year of 1550. He devoted himself unceasingly in the care of the sick, the poor and the destitute.

He founded the Camillian Social Center Rayong (the Order of the Ministers of the sick) in order to continue the spirit of caring of the sick as 'the mother who cares for her only sick child'

St. Camillus was named 'The patron of the sick and those who care for the sick.'

Before being Camillian Social Center in Rayong , the center was nemed "Soon Ban Tao Jai" situated in Soi Raewadee, Nonthaburi province (year 1992). This Center provide temporary shelter for AIDS patients and provided counselling for HIV infected patients and their families. The center was running by Fr. Giovanni Contarin (a Camillian priest) who was the director of the center.

Due to misunderstanding and antagonistic attitudes towards HIV/AIDS, the people living near the center gathered to protest demanding the move of the center from the local community followed by bomb attack and series of gunfire.

As a result the center has been transferred to a new place in Rayong and was named "Camillian Social Center Rayong" with official inauguration ceremony held on January 29, 1996 with expansion of work and projects in phases now the center has 7 projects.

• Toeducate the general public about HIV/AIDS and develop the skill in communication in the caring and support of HIV/AIDS patients.

• To provide pastoral care, support and help the needy especially those infected with HIV/AIDS.

• To help the opahans infected with HIV/AIDS to get the access to antiretroviral, education and care along with sponsorship for children affected by AIDS.

• To provide direct and indirect counselling through other media including Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS and coordinate with state and public organizations in order to prevent and solve AIDS related problem nationwide at all levels.

Target group
• AIDS patients and poor people are uninhabited, rejected by their families and societies that need care.

• HIV-infected orphans / orphans affected by HIV / AIDS

• People with HIV Including the family affected and the patients with
Is AIDS living in their home

• Students, students and labor workers who have been trained from
Rayong Province and nearby provinces


8 projects


1/1 Soi Kiri Huay Pong, Muang, Rayong Thailand
Zipcode 21150


+66 3868 5480, +66 3869 1480
Fax +66 3869 1548


cscrayon@loxinfo.co.th, prcamillian@gmail.com



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A.D. 2017 - 2020